To Save a Life

4 Lies Teens Believe that Feed Anxiety and Depression

To preserve a healthy sense of self, kids need to learn how to “talk back” to their negative thoughts with truth-based self-talk; they need to be taught how to confront irrational lies and discern the truth about themselves and others in every situation.


Can Heavy Music Make the Heart Feel Lighter?

Benjamin Weinman explains the importance of introspection, the stigma of depression, the necessity to treat it with the same respect as a physical ailment, using heavy music as therapy, embracing self-expression, and how crucial it is to make a conscious effort to get better.

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5 Self-Esteem Crushing Habits That You Should Break Today

“These little acts of disorganization or dysfunction may seem minimal, but . . . these smaller actions were part of a bigger issue. It wasn’t just ‘procrastination’ or feeling ‘lazy,’ these habits kept her from feeling good about herself in many areas of her life.”